Common Law Relationships

Common Law

Common Law Relationships

Are you common law? A lot of people don’t really know what that means. In Ontario, you’re living common law if you have lived together in a romantic relationship with someone else for a period of at least three years. You are also in a common law relationship if you live with someone in a relationship of some permanence and you and your partner are the natural or adoptive parents of a child. Therefore, if you have a child together, the length of time you live together doesn’t matter.

Common law relationships are different from being married. Common law partners are not entitled to share in the value of each other’s property. However, if you lived common law for years and shared assets, and one partner made a lot of financial contributions, there are remedies available to you. Please call Nyland Law to find out what those remedies are and if they are available to your particular case.

It is in your best interests, if you are thinking of living in a common law relationship with someone, to have a lawyer draft a cohabitation agreement on your behalf. This will protect you if your relationship breaks down in the future.

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